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How do I arrange an appointment?

The first stage is the completion of the form.

The link for the form will be available on my Instagram profile when I am accepting new clients.

If I complete the form, does that mean I'm booked?

No. By submitting the form, you're requesting an appointment.

Once the booking period has ended, it will take up to two weeks to select the projects that interest me before you have any news of me. If I've chosen your idea, I'll be in touch with you to set a date for your appointment, as well as instructions on how to send your deposit. Once I've received your deposit, and we've confirmed a date, we're all set! Lean back and wait for your appointment.

Why do I have to make a deposit, and how much is your rate?

All reservations need a $350 deposit to secure your spot in my calendar. Deposits are not refundable and deducted from the full cost of your tattoo at the time of payment.

I charge by the hourly rate. More information provided once proceed with the reservation.

Which forms of payment are you accepting?

At the moment, I accept cash and electronic transfers. Payment is due at the conclusion of each meeting. 

What should I do if I am late, or if I have to postpone or cancel my appointment?

72 hours notice required to postpone or cancel the appointment. Less than 72 hours' notice will forfeit – a new deposit will be necessary to set up a new appointment. Your deposit permits two date changes with the appropriate notification given. After that, a new deposit is required. 

If you fail to show up or are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment without prior notice, you will also lose your deposit and cancel your appointment. 

What should I have ready before my appointment? 

You will need certain specific things for aftercare that you may not yet – a healing cream and soap. Please have these pre-purchased and ready at home before the day of your appointment. You will need them for treatment after removal of second skin.

Below are the products I use during the tattoo procedure and the healing process*.

Follow-up instructions provided at the end of the session.

If you have experience and want to pursue your own care, feel free to do so. Then I cannot take any responsibility for the healing process of your new tattoo.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in any of the above

products, please make a list on the application form and we can

discuss possible alternatives.

Ensure that you're hydrated. Drink plenty of water and don’t go on a bender the night before — alcohol thins the blood, no drugs.

Eat well the day of your appointment and bring something to eat and drink during your session.

Get a good night's sleep the night before.

Showering before your appointment is important, as is

preparing your skin by keeping it moisturized.

Dress in loose or bring, comfortable clothing to avoid irritating your new tattoo.

Can I see my design beforehand?

Designs are showed on the appointment day.

There's always a small chance you will be unhappy with your design. Small changes could be done on the appointment. Anything beyond, it will be re-design and reschedule for the closest available date(s). 

Once re-designed still not matching yours standards, unfortunately I might not be the right artist for you or for the particular idea at that time. This doesn't exclude the chances of working together in the future. If we reach this point, I will refund 50% of your deposit, and you're free to keep both designs.

Do you do colour tattoos?

No. If that changes, will be announced.

Do you cover tattoos?

It will depend on the tattoo you would like to cover. Once I see it, I'll determine if I will take it on or not.

Can I bring a friend/family member/partner to my appointment?

No. I have a small atelier. My focus while working on a piece is important, and distractions disrupt that. 

*Please reach out beforehand if you feel your situation should be deemed an exception. 

I’m under 18, can I get an appointment with you?


Will you tattoo me if I am pregnant or nursing?


What materials/ingredients do you use in your work?

Below you will find links to materials and brands that are constantly in my inventory. 

By clicking on the ink links you will be redirected to a safety data sheet containing detailed information about the identification of the substance or preparation followed by country legislation - WHMIS in Canada, OSHA in U.S. CLP EC in the EU, etc. 

Please contact the manufacturer if you would like more information.


Silverback Ink

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Dynamic Ink

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Hustle Butter Deluxe 

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Black Claw

Variety of sizes/shapes.

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Cheyenne Cartridges

Variety of sizes/shapes. 

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Kwadron Needles

Variety of sizes/shapes.

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Gloves Nitrile/Latex

Variety of brands.

Wipe Out Premium Towels

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Stencil Transfer

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Second Skin Bandages

Variety of brands.

Skin Soothing Solution

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